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Buffalo Tempeh Wrap

It's just not Football SZN without sports bar food! Fries, Buffalo Wings, Nachos...ALL. OF. IT! I offer you a healthier, plant based, make at home version of a personal favorite....the Buffalo Chicken Wrap.


Diced Tempeh (or tofu)

Store Bought Vegan Buffalo Sauce (still taste testing to find my favorite brand)

Tortillas (spend the extra dollar for the Organic, non-GMO)

Diced Lettuce, Tomato, Onion (LTO) Ranch Dressing (bc it's the best - literally SO good)

Make it:

Marinate Tempeh in Buffalo Sauce then bake in the oven (on about 375 degrees for about 20-25 minutes)

Assemble the wrap - Buffalo Tempeh, LTO, Extra Buffalo Sauce

Serve with a side of Ranch Dressing, Veggies (celery, carrots, etc), and potato wedges or tots

Cheer for your favorite team and enjoy a protein rich, plant based version of a sports bar favorite!

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