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Immune Boosting Breakfast

I know it's on all our mind right now. How do we boost our immune system naturally? My go to immune booster is to load up on extra fruits, veggies and herbs. I start almost every day with a smoothie, and the ingredients are so basic. Just trial and error until you find your favorite flavor combo. Morning smoothies are best on an empty stomach, then have breakfast about half an hour later. You can feel good knowing you've gotten about 3 servings of fruits and vegetables before you've even started your day!

Your Basic Immune Boosting Smoothie:

Choose organic greens of your choice (dandelion, chard, kale, spinach, beet roots or greens)

A thumbnail of ginger root and turmeric root

Fruit (strawberry, banana, blueberries, apple, or orange)

Optional superfood boost (maca, spirulina, chia seeds)

Blend and Sip

Overnight Oats:

Oats, gogi berries, cinnamon, pumpkin seeds

Add water and let it do its thing overnight

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