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Simple 3-Day Reset

I have used this 3-Day reset meal plan for years (but actually you can even do it just one or two days and still see a benefit). It is the perfect way to hit the reset button after the holidays or a vacation and always seems to recalibrate my cravings and reaffirm mindful food choices.

Start with a green smoothie for breakfast. I personally like to start most days with a green smoothie to front load the day with extra veggies and anti-inflammatory herbs (ginger and turmeric root). Then have a salad for lunch and soup for dinner. Sip on water and herbal tea throughout the day. Prepare to take a pause from intense exercise, and simply rest.

Green smoothie (breakfast):

Dandelion greens (feel free to use spinach, kale or any other green if dandelion greens aren’t available)

Ginger root (about a thumbnail size)

Turmeric root (about a thumbnail size)

Organic red delicious apple

Organic lemon

*blend and sip

Beet salad (lunch):





Roasted beets

Walnuts (or sesame seeds as pictured)

Balsamic dressing (blend olive oil, balsamic vinegar, clove garlic, salt and pepper)

Vegetable soup (dinner):

Homemade vegetable broth




Garlic, salt and pepper

Top with spinach

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